About Conservation Districts

Conservation Districts:

  • Set priorities
  • Deliver information
  • Educate
  • Provide administration, technical and financial assistance to cooperators, land users and municipalities
  • Sponsor projects
  • Administer grants
  • Work with local, state and federal agencies to deliver technical assistance

Top priorities for Carroll County:

  1. Forestry-erosion Control and Sustainability
  2. Agricultural Land Conversion/Urban Land Use
  3. Aquifer Protection
  4. Soil Erosion
  5. Storm Water Management


Annual & On-Going Programs:

  • Plants for streambank restoration and wildlife habitat
  • Trout Stocking
  • Spring and Fall Bulb Sale
  • Rain barrels and compost bins
  • Provide outreach to Carroll County landowners to help them realize their conservation objectives through various funding and technical resources


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